Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GreenBox Summer Design Challenge

The Summer Design Challenge is HERE! This time we're not having you purchase a kit from the store.  It is your mission to go out and FIND the things for this design. We’re really going to see how creative you can get this time! The theme is to reuse and recycle!  We’ve got plenty of incredible recycled, antique and vintage beads. We’ve even got a strand of beads made out of old 45’s! This is a chance for you to use those found objects as creatively as you can.

DEADLINE:  Friday July 9th

Judging Points:
  • Creativity
  • Eco Friendly
  • Design and Functionality
Judging Guidelines:
  • Stringing materials may include natural products such as: hemp, linen, cotton, reclaimed silver wire, etc. . . or anything that you’ve found to reuse outside of your beading stash
  • Beads that you have in your stash do not count as “reusing” beads
  • Anything in Recycling Bins, Junk Yards, or Thrift Stores goes. 
  • Purchasable green products like Tagua Nuts, Bone, recycled glass, vintage, antique, or ancient beads are also acceptable.
1st Place- $30.00 Gift Certificate to the store
2nd Place- Class of your choice (with the exception of any art clay classes)
3rd Place- Book:  Beads of the World by Peter Francis Jr.


The Creative Fringe said...

We need more contestants for this challenge! The due date isn't until July 9th!

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